Lend. L. Lindon (Apollo)


+Intuition (x2)




Demeter, Hermes

Studying this hero gives a large bonus to Intuition and a moderate penalty to Evasion. If Ares is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Demeter or Hermes.


  • Name: Lend. L. Lindon
  • Code name: Apollo
  • Rank: Captain, Ground Forces
  • Age: 26
  • Status: M.I.A
  • Hits: Sunshine, clean air, nature and birdsong
  • Misses: Noise, ill-health and pollution
  • Quote: “You could hear the world if you only stopped to listen"

To say that Lend was unusual would probably be stretching the definition of the word. His background remains mostly a mystery and he has a strange affinity for nature that seems out of place in a time of war, modernization and sector habitation. He seems to spend most of his free time listening intently to the sounds of the world and is especially fond of birds and other wildlife.

These tendencies have left him a highly sought after outdoorsman, able to navigate at night with no instrumentation and effortlessly avoiding enemy patrols. Many believe him to have some sort of 6th sense, but the truth is simply that he has sharp hearing and a deep understanding how nature warns of danger.

Otherwise quiet and reserved, not much more is known about Lend. His assignments are often achieved without problem and he has been known to creatively use his enemies own strengths against them. This resourcefulness has kept him out of trouble, which allows him to enjoy the peace and quiet he so often craves.

It is noted in Lend’s training file that he is not known to be the fastest or most agile commander and is better suited to missions where he is unlikely to come under heavy fire and access to enemy assets is likely.

Unfortunately, Lend was on assignment at the time of the sector 3 A.I. incident. Radio contact with him was lost and he is currently listed as missing, presumed dead.

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