The Arcade is an area located in Sector 3 that allows you to play two chance-style minigames for Credits and to answer the Question of the Day for Energy.

You can only play fifty games of Dice Poker and BlackJack games per day. The maximum bet amount for these games depends on which Commander Skills you have.

Question of the DayEdit

Commonly abbreviated QotD, or QOTD, this is a daily user-submitted trivia question. Find the answer, and you win 10 Energy (deposited in your standard storage). Every day, there are five questions, and every commander is randomly presented with one of them. The rules forbid discussing in public forums or chat the question while it is active, although clans often discuss it and post answers for their members. All questions are reviewed and approved by the QotD Moderators before being used, but once approved, they cannot be modified.

Dice PokerEdit

Dice Poker is a minigame based on Poker dice.

The normal allowed Bet Range for Dice Poker per game is: 100 - 5,000 Cr.



Example of a Blackjack game.

Blackjack is a minigame based on its real-life namesake.

The normal allowed Bet Range for BlackJack per game is: 10 - 5,000 Cr.