Vincent Williams (Ares)


+Targetting (x2)




Dionysus, Poseidon

Studying this hero gives a large bonus to Targetting and a moderate penalty to Intuition. If Ares is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Dionysus or Poseidon.


  • Name: Vincent Williams
  • Code name: Ares
  • Rank: Warrant Officer, Air Forces
  • Age: 38
  • Status: K.I.A
  • Hits: Weapons, warfare and widely presumed to like killing people.
  • Misses: That Zen fairy boy Dionysus
  • Quote: “Inner peace doesn’t interest me, shooting you interests me.”

How Vincent managed to get into the military is anyone’s guess. He is violent, abusive and has a foul temper. He loves firearms and carries around his own personal armoury in a bag he’s never seen without. He barely passed the psychological exam that is necessary for all military personnel, but many think he managed to weasel out of being evicted due to the highest targeting scores on record since time began.

Make no mistake, Vincent likes to kill people and he is exceptionally good at what he does. As long as he keeps killing the enemy, the brass is continually willing to overlook his transgressions. Though, they have sent him on many dangerous missions in the hope that he might not survive them, he always does. This only seems to make him angrier. Attempts have been made by some of the men to help him deal with his personal issues.

Jun “Dionysus” King was one such man and decided that maybe he could help him by helping him to find his inner peace. Instead all he managed to do was find out how enjoyable it was to eat his own shoes at gunpoint. This act managed to earn Vincent both a dark reputation and a serious demotion from Major, though many people managed to see the funny side.

Perhaps a little calmer towards the tail end of his career, there were high hopes that one day the base’s top killer might be more controlled. Unfortunately (depending on who you ask) he was killed during the Sector 3 A.I. incident, unable to resist implant damage before they could ice him.

His substantial gun collection is on display in the hall of heroes, along with a cautionary tale on not letting your anger blind you and his writings on the art of shooting people.

Making his memorial the only one they don’t let kids visit.

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