The arena as displayed in battle results. (No mechs displayed.)

In the Battle Arena, players engage in combat against other players with their Mechs. Battles cost energy to fight, and if you win you will be rewarded with commander experience, Mech experience for all Mechs that were involved in the Battle on your side, some scraps, and a small increase to your MaxE. Losing battles in the Battle Arena decreases your MaxE and gives you some scraps. You will also gain some hero points too if the defender has a hero already.

Attack Level limit Edit

There is currently a level limit for attacking target commanders:

If your attacking commanders ABOVE your level:

+10 OR *2 your level (depending on which is greater in range)

If your attacking commanders BELOW your level:

-10 OR half your level (depending on which is greater in range)


Level 40+ can always hit down to Level 20.
Level 20+ can always hit up to Level 1,000.

Thanks to Fleck for providing the formulas here: [1]

Experience Gains Edit

The amount of experience which you gain from a won battle is calculated based on the power of the opponents mech squad (formula below). This amount is then multiplied with a factor up to 3 dependent on how many levels the opponent is above your level.

According to this thread: [2]

Target Mech Skill <1000: 2*DPT + HPDef/3 + 5*MechSkill

Target Mech Skill >=1000 & <21000: 2*DPT + HPDef/3 + 0.8*MechSkill + 5000

Target Mech Skill >=21000: 2*DPT + HPDef/3 + MechSkill

Stats used are Squad Totals, as of the offensive battle that had the highest value in the last 10 days, where available, or as per the battle you beat them in otherwise. This prevents unequipping to lower the EXP that players get from beating you, unless you also stop battling for 10 days.

HPDef: This is an approximation of the combined effect of HP, Defense and Armor. It is type-averaged Effective HP after 10% Armor and Defense degredation.

The HPDef formula is as follows:

$__avga = (IonArmor + HandArmor + FlameArmor + BulletArmor)/400; $__avgd = (IonDef + HandDef + FlameDef + BulletDef)/400; (e.g. 0.999 for ((99.9+99.9+99.9+99.9)/400))

Mech HPDef = (FullHP/((1-(0.9*$__avga))*(1-(0.9*$__avgd))));

Max Energy Gains Edit

If you spend all your available Energy per day on battling in the Arena you will gain between 0.9 and 1.1 additional maxE. For plainsing it's about 0.81. Commanders which are above you and which have high total mech skill will give the biggest energy gains.

According to this thread: [3]

Higher energy gains from targets with a high total mech skill ranking for their level. (Sort targets by total skill descending within a one-level range.)

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