Credits (commonly abbreviated Cr) are the in-game currency of MechG. Credits can be acquired by winning battles in the Plains or working at Mech Donalds or the Bar in exchange for Energy. Scraps acquired from battling in the Battle Arena can be sold for 2 Credits apiece. Weapons, armor, minerals, VIC days or Pack Credits can all be sold to other players at the Market Place in exchange for Credits. Credits can also be gained from investing in the Stock Market and getting profit from your stocks, and interest from your SNIP investments. Winning chance games (such as those in the Arcade and the Lottos, or contests hosted by other players) can also reward the player with Credits.


Credits are used to buy nearly everything that can be bought, as it is the "standard" trading currency. The things that can be bought with Credits includes (but is not limited to):

Credits are also commonly traded between players, either for other resources or items, as rewards or gifts, or in exchange for services.