Kimberley Swiftly (Demeter)




Apollo, Hermes

Studying this hero gives a small bonus to Movement. If Demeter is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Apollo or Hermes.


  • Name: Kimberley Swiftly
  • Code name: Demeter
  • Rank: Major, Ground Forces
  • Age: 37
  • Status: W.I.A
  • Hits: Jogging, exercise, marriage and housework
  • Misses: Laziness
  • Quote: “Get a move on!”

Kimberley wanted nothing more than to find herself a good man and live a long and happy life with him. Sadly for her, this has yet to come to pass and is probably even less likely now she’s in the military. Still, with her fond interest in jogging, she effortlessly passed the physical entrance exams and made her way up the food chain by taking on risky supply missions.

Devoted to learning those traditional house wife skills, Kimberley found her place in military life moving convoys and running blockades. She has a fine attention to detail and her living quarters is in stark contrast to most of the other officer’s messy rooms. She also loves to stitch clothes and mend uniforms in addition to making her own. These items flow beautifully, in addition to allowing her unparalleled freedom of movement.

Her love of running has netted her a bitter rivalry with a certain thief by the code name of Hermes. Apart from the fact that he’s the only one to break her speed records, she hates his lazy attitude and childish behavior. Sadly, this has only made him more interested in her, scaring away any potential men she might be interested in and driving her bonkers on a personal level.

She has sworn that she’ll strangle that idiot. He’s responded that she’s welcome to, the moment she can actually catch him.

Kimberley took well to Mech command when it became a necessary evil. Mechs being bipedal in nature helped her quickly master their movement due to her experiences with running.

Kimberley is currently on ice, after the sector 3 A.I. incident. Like many other commanders, she’s had her mission records placed on display in Sector 3. Of particular interest are logs on how she ran dangerous blockades to deliver vital supplies.

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