Jun King (Dionysus)


+ Evasion


Ares, Poseidon

Studying this hero gives a moderate bonus to Evasion. If Dionysus is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Ares or Poseidon.


  • Name: Jun King
  • Code name: Dionysus
  • Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel, Ground forces
  • Age: 27
  • Status: Active - on Sick Leave
  • Hits: Peace, tranquility, fine wines and green tea.
  • Misses: Anyone with a temper, tight spaces
  • Quote: “Come, sit with me for a while, and let us see what we can do”

Chilled out and relaxed, Jun is the bases military councilor and commands a high rank and a lot of respect. He enjoys drinking, chilling out and generally maintains the appearance of being one of the bases more enlightened members. Rumors persist that he’s actually taking more than alcohol and that his enlightenment comes from illegal substances, but nothing has even been proven.

It’s not just questions that Jun King dodges, but weapons fire too. He’s surprisingly agile and scores very well on assault courses as well as any other physical assignment. Of course, like many other humans, he is unable to dodge a gun pointed to his head. Fortunately for him, it’s only happened once and it wasn’t an enemy that did it. That is if you consider an enemy in the military sense of the word. Some people might suggest that anyone who forces you to eat your footwear at gunpoint might not be a friend.

Noted on Jun’s record is an usual fear of tight spaces. Malcom “Poseidon” Haughton has often suggested that Jun come for a tour of duty on his submarine to help him beat his fear. However, Jun has being avoiding this offer like the plague, which has perhaps created a bit of a stormy tension between the two.

Jun’s mind, built like a mental fortress, actually seemed to cope with the feedback overload attack during the Sector 3 A.I. incident. Suspected to be dead the day after, he reported for duty in what seemed to be perfect health. He was placed on Ice for his own safety, but could be recalled to active duty if needs must. It is hoped a cure to the damage dealt to other surviving commanders may first be tested on Jin but until then, there are no plans to unfreeze him.

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