Fragments are used to purchase Tier 75, Tier 90, and Tier C (Level 100) Mechs. They are earned in the battle arena from Level 70 onward. Fragments can also be earned from level 60 onward in the plains.

The cost in Fragments for Mech's in each Tier are as follows

  • Tier 75 - 4,200
  • Tier 90 - 20,000
  • Tier C (Level 100) - 100,000

The number of Fragments earned from a battle increases with player level, with the intention that it takes around a week to save for a Tier 75 Mech at player level 75, but will still only take a week to save for a Tier C Mech at player level 100. There is a cap of 1,000,000 maximum Fragments a player can hold.

The number of fragments earned can be seen in the 'Your Sector' page under currency.

Fragments can not be traded between commanders, and cannot be discarded or sold for credits.