The Goverment Offices can be found in sector 3 under administration offices section.

1st FloorEdit

The Mining CommisionEdit

This is where you could previously buy and purchase mining gear, extra mines and increase your mining booster. The floor currently is now technally empty, as all mining operations and feature management have moved to the Mining page itself.

2nd FloorEdit

Upgrade Center License OfficeEdit

Also known as UCLO, this is where players once had to purchase an upgrading license so they could upgrade their Mechs. However, as of April 2013, the ability to upgrade mechs is now freely available at the Upgrade Center to all players without restriction (except you have to be over Level 20 to use Energy for upgrading)

Bar LicensingEdit

Note: This section needs verification on whether you still need a "license" for Bar drinks

This is where you can buy the Bar license.

3rd FloorEdit

The ArchivesEdit

The Archives store the history of the game's universe.

4th FloorEdit


5th FloorEdit

Management OfficesEdit

Management is much too busy to talk to you!

6th FloorEdit


This is where you can buy Coffee, which converts to Energy.