Daniel Hardcraft (Hephaestus)


+ Damage (x2)


- Generalisation


Artemis, Zeus

Studying this hero gives a modearate bonus to Damage and a very small penalty to all four stats. If Hephaestus is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Artemis or Zeus.


  • Name: Daniel Hardcraft
  • Code name: Hephaestus
  • Rank: Lieutenant, Ground Forces
  • Age: 42
  • Status: K.I.A
  • Hits: Tanks, mechanics and high caliber weapons.
  • Misses: Study
  • Quote: “Babes, Guns, it dosen' get any better dan ‘dis!”

On receiving his application, there was much discussion about allowing someone who still counts with his fingers into the military. These doubts were pushed aside when it was found that he could fix a tank without a jack and could carry 200lb bombs like women carry handbags.

Regarded as a proper solider in the traditional sense, Daniel’s best put to use on the front line. When not on duty, however, he can often be found trying to modify tanks with bigger weapons, carrying ordinance and being a role model to all the hot headed male youth that signs up for service.

There have been some concerns that his arm and overly muscled appearance is caused by steroids and other illegal performance and combat enhancing drugs. However, tests have always shown him to be clean of such things, perhaps through tolerance and perhaps through low dosage. It’s pretty much accepted that no-one believes for a second he’s innocent.

Noted on his record is that he has been known to exhibit a fiery temper when cornered. This is especially true of when he’s received intellectual brow-beatings from other more mentally gifted commanders. Still, he had a lot to teach people and did draw many diagrams and tank designs, albeit somewhat crudely.

During the Sector 3 A.I. incident, Daniel’s poor mind couldn’t handle the feedback and his head exploded like a rotten tomato. His colleagues weren’t quite the same after. The details of his demise are tastefully left out of the records in the Hall of Heroes.

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