Sakura Tadashi (Hera)


+ Targeting


Aphrodite, Athena

Studying this hero gives a moderate bonus to Targeting. If Hera is your hero, in addition to the daily studies conducted in the Hall of Heroes, you can gain Hero Points by winning battles against other commanders who study Aphrodite or Athena.


  • Name: Sakura Tadashi
  • Code name: Hera
  • Rank: Brigadier, Ground Forces
  • Age: 47
  • Status: K.I.A
  • Hits: Traditional Clothing, control and getting her own way.
  • Misses: Not getting her own way
  • Quote: “Sit down, shut up and do as you are told”

Part Japanese and part English, Sakura is all business. Seemly taking the worst traits from two cultures, she forces her English forces into sitting Seiza and her Japanese forces into in to enduring cross leg whenever they even slightly fail a task. This can sometimes go on for hours at a time and is in addition to the punishing training all personnel have to endure.

Her strictness is only made more bothersome by her high rank, which ensures that few can escape her wrath. She’s known to be the jealous type and delights in giving poor Lisa “Aphrodite” Fireheart every thankless and difficult task she can find. Of course, there was this guy that pointed out that no matter what she does to Lisa, she’ll still be prettier. He is no longer with us, but we like to think his memory lives on in this record.

As with anyone who’s as “professional” as Hera is, she is an exceptional shot. Once she has you in her sights, you can pretty much kiss your arse goodbye. Your best bet is not make this woman into your enemy, as you won’t live to regret the decision.

Her mercilessness has ensured that, at least as far as assignments go, she always gets the job done. Morale in her forces however, is not particularly high and there are currently 46 applications to move to another commander pending for her forces. It doesn’t look good when a typical squad size is 50.

Hera is currently on ice, after the sector 3 A.I. incident. Her written works, such as “Hera’s pocketbook: How to abuse recruits” are still popular among ruthless commanders and petty dictators. Her entry to the Hall of Heroes was recommended on the grounds that no-one would survive if she were ever to be revived and find out Lisa was in there and not her.

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