Every commander follows the ideals of their hero. A daily visit to the Hall of Heroes in Sector 3 can increase your wisdom, which in turn gives you extra benefits on the battlefield. Choose well which Hero's teachings you will follow.

Heroes give small passive bonuses. For example, Hera boosts the Targetting skill of your mechs by a certain percentage. The percentage boost that your Hero gives is controlled by how many Hero Points you have.

List of Heroes Edit

Name Bonus Penalty Rival Heroes
Aphrodite Generalisation (x2) Damage Athena, Hera
Apollo Intuition (x2) Evasion Demeter, Hermes
Ares Targetting (x2) Intuition Dionysus, Poseidon
Artemis Intuition - Hephaestus, Zeus
Athena Generalisation - Aphrodite, Hera
Demeter Movement - Apollo, Hermes
Dionysus Evasion - Ares, Poseidon
Hephaestus Damage (x2) Generalisation Artemis, Zeus
Hera Targetting - Aphrodite, Athena
Hermes Movement (x2) Targetting Apollo, Demeter
Poseidon Evasion (x2) Movement Ares, Dionysus
Zeus Damage - Artemis, Hephaestus

Note: some Heroes give double the normal bonus (denoted with a (x2) in the above table), but these Heroes also give a penalty to another area. These penalties are equivalent the the standard bonuses given by other Heroes. For more details on the bonuses/penalties, see the Hero Points page.

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