Leadership bonuses, more commonly refered to as "Leadership Points", are a small special bonus that boosts mech's stats by a small percentage, or Damage, critical chance and armor erosion rates. You get these points from the Leadership tree of your Commander Skills.

You can redistribute your leadership points at any time for a small cost of current_total_LP*1,000 cr to do so.

There is no limit in how many leadership points you can get but it get's more expensive the more LP you have. You upgrade your LP in increments of 25points per upgrade. The costs in commander points are as follows:

0-300 LP: 1CP per upgrade

300-600 LP: 2CP per upgrade

600 to 900 LP: 3CP per upgrade

900 to 1200 LP: 4CP per upgrade

1200 to 1500 LP: 5CP per upgrade

From 1500 onwards the costs jump: at 2100 LP it's 27CP per upgrade, at 2800 it costs 42CP per upgrade.

Ratios Edit

Targetting: 10 Points = 0.100%*

Evasion: 10 Points = 0.100%*

Intuition: 10 Points = 0.100%*

Movement: 10 Points = 0.100%*

Damage: 10 Points = 0.050%**

Generalisation: 10 Points = 0.033%*

Double Damage: 10 Points = 0.050%***

Armor Erosion: 10 Points = 0.100%**

'* as a percentage of your mech skill

'** as a percentage modifier (i.e. if you have 10% in damage your damage is multiplied by 110%, if you have 10% in Armor erosion, youre hits erode with 110% strength)

'*** as a percentage chance

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