Pack Credit is Mech Crusader's form of premium currency. Pack Credit can be traded to other players, or sold in the Market Place.

Uses for Pack Credit Edit

  • Max Energy #
    • Available in sorted 4, 8 and 12 packs.
  • Upgrade Center Operations #
    • Available in sorted 2400, 4800 and 7200 packs.
  • Minerals #
    • Available in assorted packs of Credit value: 215,000,000, 645,000,000, 1,935,000,000.
      • Note: The Mineral Packs will have a ratio set of all 4 minerals, and the amounts will change depending on Mineral value.
  • Drazil Tokens
    • ONLY available in the following package: 30 Drazil Tokens
  • VIC Days
    • ONLY available in the following package: 28 VIC Days

# = Note: You can get customary amounts of these. Minerals are brought in their separate forms.
Also, when purchasing any of the deals mentioned in this section, you will gain a small bonus amount of P.C. Occasionally there will be special deals involving Pack Credit that players can purchase.