The "Plasma Smith" is an area in Sector 3 where you can go to upgrade your weaponry and armor. In order to increase the limits of how much you can upgrade these items, you need to increase the respective upgrade type in your Commander Skills; these are located in the Plasmatics section.

Weapon Upgrade Actions Edit

This is a list of actions you can do at the Plasma Smith:

Merge Weapons Edit

Here you can merge two weapons together, or combine one with a module, to create a Merged Weapon. Note that Integrated researchable weapons cannot be merged with anything, and Anti-Mater weapons can only be merged with modules.

An interface is provided to simulate merging weapons so the resulting DPT and movement requirements can be viewed without having to own the weapons or paying for the merge.

Merged weapons can also be split here, the fee for merging the weapon is lost and will need to be paid again if the weapons are re-merged.

Upgrade Power Edit

You can increase the Power rating of a weapon, which adds to the amount of base damage per hit.

Upgrade Rate of Fire Edit

You can increase the rate of which a weapon fires at, so that it fires more times per turn.

Range Modification Edit

You can increase, or decrease, the range of a weapon. Note all modifications to the range of a weapon require Exotic.

Weapon Exchange Edit

A special feature of the Plasma Smith is that you can 'exchange' lower-tier weapons for higher-tier weapons for a small fee. This is a great way to recycle old weapons instead of just buying new higher-tier weapons; as the upgrades you gave to the old weapon will be transferred to a roughly equal amount on the new equivalent weapon.

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