Quad Mechs are a special type of Mech that Commanders can use. They are a fusion between 2 (or more depending on the type of quad) mechs, creating a hybrid between those mechs. Their defense percentages, weaponry and armor are averaged out, yet their HP and other stats are combined up to a set limit (shown below), allow the Quad to become a force to be reckoned with.


Unless otherwise stated, Quad Mechs take up 0.75 Arena Mech Slots per Mech inside them.

Quad Type Details HP Cap Targeting Cap Evasion Cap Intuition Cap Movement Cap
The Quad When the designs for modular mech parts appeared on the research terminals mysteriously one day, most commanders didn't give it a second thought. They couldn't wait to experiment with mounting the best parts from their fleets to create a kind of ultimate mech. The first successful designs mounted four legs in weird figure 8 configurations. The Quad was born. Mechs Allowed: 2 32000 21000 48000 13000 5000
The Quad v2 New versions of the quad design were quick to appear. The quad leg design meant they were difficult to hit, fast and getting deadlier all the time. However, these designs were ever hungrier for parts and many were not as combat effective as simply having separate Mechs. Mechs Allowed: 3 or more. 64000 75000 148000 25000 15000
Tweaker Quad

Costs 1 Mech Supply to make active instead of 1.5. Still counts as a Quad. Requires Commander Level 40.

Top level commanders couldn't wait to make an even more (well, slightly more) perfect Mech. The tweaker quad was their solution to the limitations of the single Mech designs. They even managed to get the design running without additional strain on the commander. But is it worth a Quad slot? Mechs Allowed: 2 95000 105000 113000 130000 125000
Anti-matter Containment Unit

Antimatter Weapons Only. 40% Damage Bonus.

Not strictly a Mech, this mobile storage device actually stores anti-matter for use in many civilian applications, such as building power plants and factories. However, now that Quad technology allows much larger units to be fielded, it was only a matter of time before someone managed to build a weapon that ulitised previously too cumbersome anti-matter technologies. In this case the lathe has been stripped out and replaced with a targetting system allowing for Anti-matter weapons to be fitted easily. It's actually fast as rapid production was previously its main role, but that also means it continues to be very fragile. Mechs Allowed: 2 19000 180000 192000 127000 167000
Pop-up Rail Turret

Optimal Range is 4-8 irrespective of weapon ranges.This mech does not move!Movement is only used to calculate firing order.

This deadly rail turret kit allows you to salvage up to 3 mechs to create a stationary turret which if defended, can be a deadly foe to standard mechs. It is based on ancient designs for defence systems that do not move. Unlike earlier defenceless designs, it evades damage by hiding in the ground. This mech does not move! Movement is only used to calculate firing order. Mechs Allowed: 2, 3 95000 180000 50000 120000 100000
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