The Armorers is a place in Sector 3 where you can purchase new weapons and armor for mechs.

"Nothing stops an enemy cold like a good weapon. If your weapon isn't effective, you're sunk, so choose wisely. Fact of the matter is, you generally can't go wrong with more firepower. That's been true since long before you were born, boy and I suspect it always will be."
- Poseidon

Weapons Edit

Weapons is the first tab for the Armorers, and contains all the regular weapons you can think of. Each weapon has a level and intuition requirement displayed.

List of regular weapons Edit

This is a list table of all the regular weapons you can purchase at the Armorers.

Note: This list is incomplete and under construction.

Name Image Level Cost Type Damage/Turn Intuition
Long-arm Stapler Longarmstapler 1 20,000 Melee 400 8
Rope Flail RopeFlail 1 30,000 Melee 500 8
Aluminium Saber AluminiumSaber 1 33,500 Melee 540 8
Slow Burning Candle SlowBurningCandle 1 41,400 Flame 480 8
Extra Large Matches ExtraThickMatches 1 62,900 Flame 600 8
Great Battleaxe GreatBattleaxe 2 49,500 Melee 680 8
Portable Microwave PortableMicrowave 2 53,700 Ion 600 8
Radioactive Toaster RadioactiveToaster 2 92,200 Ion 720 12
Vitriolic Sword VitriolicSword 2 104,000 Melee 820 8
Flame Grenades FlameGrenades 2 116,000 Flame 800 12

Armor Edit

Armor is the second tab, and contains all the armor items for mechs. Each type of armor has a level and movement requirement displayed; note that armor will reduce the amount of movement that it requires, as it weighs the mech down, so check before buying these (it may be expensive to tinker it later at the Plasma Smith)

Researched Edit

Researched is the last tab, and this is where you purchase all the research-able items. Before you can buy any of these weapons and systems, you need the right research level for them, such as Level 45 Experimental for the Keenest Edge.

List of researchable weapons Edit

For a list of all the re-searchable weapons, please see List of researchable weapons

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