VIC stands for Very Important Commander. VIC is the equivalent of premium membership in MechG.

You have VIC status as long as you have VIC days. Each day, at 00:00 Server Time, you lose one VIC day. VIC Days can be brought with real-life currency through the VIC page, or buy them from other players at the Marketplace.

VIC Days are also automatically granted every time you exchange Pack Credit for any of the possible resources at the rate of 1 VIC Day per Pack Credit invested. You can also invest Pack Credit specifically into the VIC Days option to get 7 VIC Days per Pack Credit.

Benefits Edit

Whilst you have at least 1 VIC Day remaining, you benefit from the following perks:

  • Custom Commander Images can be set by VIC Players, shown on the Your Commander page, and to other players on Your Profile.
  • VIC Players can store up to a whole weeks worth of energy, instead of the 3 days limit for normal players!
  • The VIC Target List allows you to create a list of players whom you attack regularly. Your targets can be put into named groups and these groups may be sorted as you wish. The Target List indicates when you are able to attack each opponent again.
  • The VIC Booster increases your battle booster maximum by 2, allowing you to hit a target with more energy, which means you can get more experience and rewards out of your best targets, and speed up your battling each day.
  • The character limit for signatures and profile messages is 1,000 for VIC players, up from the usual limit of 250 characters. In the forums, VIC players have a special star symbol by their name to show that they support Mech Crusaders.
  • The VIC Skill Calculator allows you to see your chance to hit based on your targeting and the enemy's evasion, so you can have a better idea of how differences in Skills will affect battle results.
  • VIC Positioning allows you to store an unlimited number of positioning setups and allows you to rename them, instead of the normal limit of 3. (Requires a Positioning Commander Skill)
  • Additionally, VIC Days can be exchanged for the following:
    • Credits. VIC days can be sold and traded on the Market Place. They are highly valued so you can always sell excess VIC days for Credits.
    • Web Storage. Images can be uploaded to the MechG website, for use either on our forums, or on other websites, in exchange for 1 VIC Day.
    • Hero Points. Trade VIC days for Drinks in the Bar to improve Hero Point gains from battles by up to +175%.