Weapons are items equipped to your mechs that are used to deal damage when battling. Depending on your level, different kinds of weapons can be used.

There are 5 damage types that can be dealt with weapons:

  • Melee weapons
  • Bullet weapons
  • Atomic weapons
  • Fire weapons
  • Anti-matter weapons

Any standard weapon can be freely bought, traded and merged.

Researched WeaponsEdit

The list of reasearched weapons and special traits is given below:

  • Anti-Matter: Ignores all armor effects on any mech, but can only be merged with Modules. Unique.
  • Integrated: Requires a certain type of mech in order to be utilized.
  • Experimental: Causes very different weapon effects on a targeted mech. Unique, but can be merged.
  • Modules: Unequipllable on their own but cause extra damage, skill boosts for your mechs (intuition), and indirect effects(EMP jamming, slow, splatter) towards enemy mechs, when merged with a weapon.

Unique Weapons Edit

Some weapons, such as the Anti-matter researched weapons, are labled 'Unique'. This means that only one of them can be equipped at once in your team. It is possible to buy more than one and keep them in your inventory, but attempting to equip more than one will result in an error.

When purchasing a second Unique weapon the commander will be informed that they already own one, and will be prompted if they wish to continue.

See also Edit

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