Mechs gain wires when leveling up (along with Circuits; they are used when building a Mech. Their purpose is to 'revive' the power potency of an upgrade type (such as "All Skills" or "Single skill: Targeting" etc), as using a circuit on a certain type decreases the power of the next circuit in that area by 10%. Wires will increase the power of that area back up again.

Wire gains Edit

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Over its lifespan, a Mech will gain a maximum of 400 Wires. When bought (at level 1) they come with 10 Wires, and gain more when leveling up. Mechs gain 10 Wires when leveling up from level 2 to 30, 8 Wires from level 31 to 35, 6 Wires from level 36 to 40 , 4 Wires from level 41 to 45, 2 Wires from level 46 to 50, and no Wires above level 50.