This page in Your Sector is where you can view the statistics of mechs you have brought and own. Here you can select and deselect from use, and also quickly rename them and unequip items off them. You can even group your mechs up for easy access and selection.

The Your Mechs page gives access to the following features through the bullet list at the top of the page.

  • Purchase Mechs at the Mech Shop
  • Manage your quad. (A feature unlocked in Chapter 7 of the Quest)
  • Mech build designer (To plan out builds for level 75 and 90 Mechs)

This page also shows information on how many Mechs you own, and can own. Group Effects of your Mechs are listed in a table (Note, this table does not currently take into account the effects of your hero, leadership points, or food, it is purely the effects generated by your Mechs)