"Your News" is a page in Mech Crusaders that is accessed from the game sidebar and it shows you various notices and news information in regards to the player.

Other Edit

This section shows you most of the important and miscellaneous game notifications. This includes clan activity such as armory lending, fourm updates for threads that you are watching, messages from other players, voting etc.

Battle Edit

This section shows notification on defensive battles, including whether the player's team of mechs won or not, and if so, their experience gains.

Drazil Edit

This sections shows information on Drazil Wars battles, and as with defensive mech battles, showing wins and losses. For victories, each battle notification shows the amount of bonus Energy gained. If the player has won a certain amount of Drazil battles, a message such as "You were awarded an extra Token per Week for challenging 520 Commanders to a Drazil battle and emerging victorious!" is shown, telling the player that they have increased the amount of Drazil Wars tokens they receive per week.

Market Edit

This section has notifications on market transactions, such as confirmation of sales and purchases with other players. Here is also where you see notification on secure trades.

Gifts Edit

Last but not least, as the name suggests, this sections shows when you receive gifts from other players! This includes gifts that were sent anonymously, and each gift that has a message will show that gift's message on a separate notification line.